The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough Guide for Faster Progress

The Sims Free Play is one of the best RPG game introduced by the EA Games industry for iOS and Android devices.

The game is entirely free to play except some payable features or currencies. In the game, every player needs to create their Avatar in the form of Sims, which represents the entire roles. Go through the sims freeplay walkthrough guide and take your actions according in the game.

Lots of exciting tasks added in the game which helps users to enjoy more and reduce mental stress.

For example- creating a beautiful town, customization of Avatar, making new friends, joining pool party, new families, adopting pets, and other exciting tasks.

It’s easy to start the game and to understand entire Gameplay, but following a comprehensive guide help you to progress in the game faster like no one another can.

There is no need to find different the sims freeplay hack and tricks as here we are going to discuss all master tips and ways.

Work on Gardening

Gardening helps you a lot to collect in-game currency in a more massive amount. Yes, it is possible by giving more time to gardening to allow gamers to progress more beside earn more prizes.

Doing this task early in the game helps to collect different kinds of bonuses without getting stressed or without wasting more efforts. A Sim character may add garden plots to their homes easily to grow vegetables.

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Competition center

Send your Sims to the competition center where they can express their skills, hobbies to gain different bonuses.

It is a kind of building introduced through the supernatural update. Some other tasks which can be done in the competition center are-

  • Compete in different hobbies
  • Ballet
  • Ghost hunting
  • Karate and other tasks.

Complete tasks

the sims freeplay walkthrough guide

If you are a newbie to the game, you can easily see tons of exciting tasks bottom of the screen. It is recommended for all users to complete entire tasks wisely to earn several progression rewards.

Completing tasks helps you to learn how to pass all levels quickly, besides how to perform every single task of game smoothly.

In other words, completing this job permits you to become a pro player in-the game in addition to enjoying more without getting stressed.

You can find quests, weekly tasks, and social tasks under the tasks section, which has to be completed on time.

Earn in-game Currencies

Collecting in-game currency in sufficient amount helps you to progress in the game faster beside play the game smoothly without any issue.

Mainly there are three kinds of currencies used in the game to perform every task-

  • Simoleons
  • Lifestyle points
  • Social points

These three in-game currencies matter a lot for gamers as from these various items can be purchased as well as several tasks can be performed.

It’s hard for players to earn these currencies in more massive amount also it’s not impossible. Some game tasks are added in the game, which makes it possible to receive currency in the right amount.

Also, there is an app purchased option available for gamers to buy currencies package in a reasonable amount.

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