Rise Of Kingdoms Tricks To Earn More Gems

Rise of Kingdoms Hacks

Rise of Kingdoms (also known as Rise of Civilizations) is an amazing strategy game, with even better rewards, which can be achieved every now and then in the game.

Gems are the most premium form of the in-game currency, as it can be used for a broad variety of purposes such as troops training speed-ups and upgrading your equipment.

For a beginner, it gets undoubtedly hard after a certain point of time to earn enough resources from battles. So here are a few outstanding tips to get you going in the game, by earning free-of-cost gems every day.

  • Daily Quests – The game offers you an option to accomplish simple tasks every day as a part of Daily Quests. The time taken to do these can range up to a few minutes, but these quests can serve you fabulous benefits as listed below:

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(i) You can earn a bunch of food, wood, stones and training boosters. Some quests can also earn you gems for free.

(ii) By completing such quests regularly, you can achieve Activity Points. On reaching certain levels of such points you’ll be rewarded with some of the most precious prizes such as Gems, Golden Keys and Magic Boxes.

  • Daily Login Rewards – On the game’s main screen, click on the gem symbol on the top-right corner. Go to the ‘Daily Special Offer’ section to claim your rewards. The rewards get better as much as you progress into the game.

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The count will reset to Day 1 if in any case, you miss logging in for a single day.

  • Special Events & Tournaments – Go to the game’s ‘Events’ section to view the available events, and participate in them as soon as possible. These events normally stay only for a few days and can serve you as an excellent means of earning some additional resources on top of your regular rewards.
  • Buy the VIP pass – Earn and stockpile enough gems to buy the VIP pass in the game. Not only does the VIP pass give you various special privileges but also it helps you earn more and better rewards than a normal player.
  • Join an allegiance – Joining an Allegiance in the game can not only expose you to better players but also help you earn extra Allegiance Rewards. You can share resources with your allies during a battle, and work altogether by creating more strategies.

** Just a special note for all the beginners and rookie players who are getting too desperate for earning gems. Do not try unlawful methods such as mods and generators for unlimited gems, since Rise of Kingdoms is a fully server-based game, and can’t be illegitimately hacked.

Doing this will not only waste a handful of your time but can also end up getting your account suspended. Most of them display ads and collect reviews to earn revenues. Don’t mention any personal credentials in such hoax websites or apps, as they may be at a verge of getting breached.

Use only real and legit Rise of Kingdoms Hack and Cheats to get Free Gems just like those tricks mentioned above.

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