Fishdom – A Comprehensive Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide to Fishdom Game

Fishdom is an exciting match-3 fun game introduced by Playrix. The game is developed for both iOS and Android devices and can be played freely.

Note that the game is free to play, but some in-game items can be purchased through real money. The game invites you to take a deep dive underwater besides in challenging match-3 gameplay.

Lots of exciting also challenging missions, events are added in the game, which helps users to explore more fun. They are able to reduce all mental stress by playing smoothly without facing any issue.

You also get to feed all fishes, watch them interact with each other in addition to play with them. Paying attention to forthcoming content helps you to know about the fishdom cheats besides enjoying every moment of playing.

Make a plan before solving puzzles

There is no time limit of solving puzzles, so players have enough time to make a perfect plan. Creating a grand plan helps you to clear all the hard puzzles quickly.

It allows players to develop their mental skills in order to solve all match-3 puzzles quickly without getting stressed.


Try to match four pieces or more which makes super combo dynamite. Such matches permit players to create a firecracker, dynamite, and super bomb.

It helps them to destroy all puzzle cubes quickly like no one another can. This system may save more time of players to pass levels and to progress in Fishdom game faster.

So if you need to enjoy every level of Fishdom game, try to match four or more cubes.

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Make a bomb

As we discuss some matches allows you to create unique dynamites, matching five pieces together makes a bomb.

With the help of the weapon, you are able to make a big blast or destroy golden tiles. So if you see matching of five pieces in a straight line, in an L-shape or T-shape, take advantage of it.

Jazz up the aquarium

Any fish or decoration you buy for the aquarium results in more prominent beauty points. Collecting these points in specific amount offers a tidy coin bonus which helps to aquarium level up quickly.

Try to spend the right amount of currencies in decoration or while buying a new fish as it offers more advantages to users.

Feed your fish

In the game, you don’t need to match-3 puzzles only as there is other work also available to perform. You need to take care of fish, too, and each fish have different hunger meters.

Users need to feed their fish more in order to make them happy, fit, and healthy forever. Always spend specific time in Fishdom game to ensure all fishes are fed and contented properly.

Also feeding your fish properly offers a particular amount of coins bonus in your account.


So we can easily conclude that one can quickly grow in Fishdom game by following master tips and tricks. Playing a game smoothly helps you to enjoy every moment and reduce daily life stress in a short period.

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