Exciting Facts to Know About Sweatcoin App!

Know Everything About Sweatcoin

How’s it feels when you get real money for exercising or for walking steps? Yes, this is right that you can earn digital currencies, money, and rewards by just walking and exercising more.

Sweatcoin App is specially designed for this function, which offers more advantages to users. Sweatcoin is a mobile application designed for both iOS and Android devices. One can freely use this application without paying any charge.

It offers a greater motivation to inactive people who want to stay fit and healthy forever. Sweatcoin is a kind of digital currency which can be used at different places and for a different purpose.

Well, there is fix rewards and SWC are set as per walking steps. Collecting more SWC permits all the users to become fit, earn rewards, incentives, and gifts.

Greater motivation

The most significant benefit of using this application is it provides the biggest motivation for inactive people. It offers a financial incentive for motivation.

Those users who are inactive or unfit can become fit and healthy forever by using this application. Giving more digital currency provides more motivation for users to do more exercise and become fit.

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Different rewards can be earned through Sweatcoin Application such as-

  • Sports watches
  • Iphone
  • E-books
  • Amazon and credits
  • Airline miles
  • Gift vouchers
  • Subscriptions and prime packs

Also rewards changes as per current running deals or trend. So don’t worry about the rewards as you can obtain them by walking or by exercising. Here are some impressive sweatcoin hacks and cheats that could let you earn even more swc in less efforts.

Count steps

Using your phone GPS and Accelerometer, it counts steps you walked. Don’t forget Sweatcoin App doesn’t count fake steps.

For example, if you are traveling on a plane, bike, or a bus, it doesn’t count those steps. The advanced system is fixed in this application, which counts real steps only.

If you are walking outdoor where there are no tall buildings or on the treadmill; it’ll count all the steps.


Yes, there are some limitations also exist in this application, and here we are going to mention all of them.

·         Run application in the background

Always run the application in the background if you need an app to count all steps and offers more rewards.

Cleaning the application from background running stop all the system and don’t count any step either you walk more on a particular day.

So users need to pay focus either the application is running in background or not.

·         Don’t count counterfeit steps

As we discuss above if you try to add counterfeit steps in Sweatcoin App, then you’ll get failed always. If you are riding a bike, car, or doing swimming, it does not count any step.

Also, if you try to shake hand forward and backward to add counts, it will not work.  An upgraded system is added in-the game which counts real steps only.


So we can easily conclude that those people who need a greater motivation for doing exercise or for becoming fit can easily use Sweatcoin mobile application.

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