DragonVale Dragons And Different Elements

Knowledge about a few dragons at the different levels needs your attention when you are engrossed in playing the Dragon Vale game.

  1. Make fast coins at the mid-level

At Level 11, you can get more options to make money.

  • The Cactus dragon is a favourite of all, as it gives an unbelievable return of $200K every hour. The sell value of the dragon is $100,000, and the breeding time is only half an hour. It is the mixture of the two elements lightning and plant.
  • The Ash Dragon is a combination of the elements of lightning and plant also. But it needs 6 hours for breeding. The sell value is high at $500,000. So you can make $83.3K per hour with this particular species.
  • The Lightning Dragon is a combination of lightning and lightning only. It will sell at $37,500, and so you can well predict that the breeding time will be lower. Indeed, it only takes 30 minutes for breeding. You can make good cash if you simultaneously breed a few of such dragons. Its always a good idea to look for good cheats online through some trusted websites like dragonvalecheats.club they are awesome in getting free in game currency.

At Level 14, the sell prices increase comparatively.

  • Air Dragon will be from the mixed breeding of fore and water to get you $500,000. The breeding time is 2 hours.
  • Pollen Dragon is a mixture of air and plant elements with a higher sale price of $1,000,000. As usual, the breeding time will also be high.

At Level 17, you can get the opportunity to unlock some of the best combinations.

  • Magnetic Dragon will be from combining the lighting and metal elements. You can sell it for $1,150,000 and the breeding time is 4 hours.
  • The Iron Dragon is from the mixed breeding of earth and Metal elements. You can sell it at the same price, and the breeding duration is also eh same.

But the Rust Dragon is a step ahead. Being a combination of metal and water, the dragon can fetch you $1,650,000 with a breeding duration of 6 hours.

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