Complete Beginners Guide for Simcity Buildit

simcity buildit beginners guide

There are many simulation games launched every year and most of them are awesome as millions of people try such games. Basically, the game with perfect graphics or visuals is high in demand. Well, there is no one better than EA in this thing.

EA is the popular game developing studio and it always comes up with the perfect games which can attract others to play it. Simcity Buildit is the one which is played by thousands of gamers everyday and this game is download by millions of users. There are lots of games inspired by simcity but none can match the original one.

This multiplayer game is offering you to download it free from Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store according to your smartphone platform. On the other hand, this free game charges you on the purchases given in the game. Well, this isn’t the suitable option for many gamers because most of them are teenagers.

Teens aren’t able to hold a credit card and that’s why this isn’t possible to earn resources. In this condition, the thing which can help you out is tricks and guides because these are the safest program and developed by the team of expert to provide resources in free. Also, do not use any generator or hack tool as they can harm you in many ways.

You can get more information about simcity buildit hack tool over where they have provided in detailed information on this topic.

Personal Experience of Playing

In the beginning, it was hard to figure out that how to start but instead of guessing, I learned the pure basics like the interface and other things. This is the most common thing and everyone should follow this rule in every game so they tackle with such problems in future regarding the game.

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Now, this is the time to earn resources and the most common method is to earn simoleons from tax. You will be charged on building something but after that, you are going to earn in the form of tax. You can charge 8% tax in beginning and I did the same.

You have the financial advisor because you are the mayor so follow some of the instruction provided by advisor otherwise you can face problems like Sims leaving your city due to high tax rates. This is the same for decreasing the tax because Sims will start increasing population if the tax is low.

This is the messy thing regarding the game but this issue can be alleviated by not letting the population exceed until you want to. Now, you should build primary buildings like school, bus depots and other things like this.

So, what’s The Matter Now?

Still now, the game isn’t over because you need to learn trading and shipping. If you don’t want to mess up then learn it by playing with the help of tutorial but try to do everything fast and offer less price for the same thing which is done in high.

This will help you earn golden keys and you are also able to earn golden keys with the help of previously mentioned program so you should make sure that you don’t spend money on a game when everything can be done without spending a single penny.

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